How To Descale Breville Coffee Maker The Right Way

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How To Descale Breville Coffee Maker The Right Way

The water used to brew coffee causes mineral buildup inside your Breville coffee maker. While not toxic, this buildup can impact the machine’s water flow, temperature and performance. It can affect the taste of your cup of coffee too. Descaling is a deep machine cleaning that removes mineral deposits to extend the life of your brewer. Keep reading to find instructions on how to descale Breville coffee maker models like the Precision Brewer or Grind Control using a commercial descaling solution.

How Often To Descale Breville Coffee Maker

In addition to regular cleaning, a good rule of thumb is that a you should descale your coffee maker after 3 months. Both Breville coffee makers have an LCD screen. The descale alert will be shown there to remind you.

You need to descale every 3 months whether you are using filtered water, bottled water or tap water with a low to normal mineral count. You will need to clean your machine more often if your tap has “hard water.” That means it contains higher level of minerals. If you are not sure about the level of minerals in your water, you can always get a low-cost water testing kit.

You should also descale if you are having any of these issues with your Breville coffee maker:

  • Produces a lot of steam while brewing
  • Runs for extended periods with only steam output
  • Does not use the full amount of water in the water tank
  • Brews slowly

Can You Descale Breville Coffee Maker With Vinegar?

You should not use water and vinegar solution to descale Breville coffee machines. White vinegar contains 5-8% acetic acid. This type of acid can wear down stainless steel and cause your machine to leak. Plus, vinegar cannot remove oils left by used coffee beans.

Instead, the best way to descale your coffee maker is with one of the below commercial solutions. They have safe and effective types of acids that won’t damage your machine.

Breville Coffee Maker Descale Solutions

Essential Values

Essential Values Universal Descaling Solution for Keurig
  • Best-value descaler compatible with all coffee makers
  • Uses gentle and odorless citric acid
  • Made in the USA

Essential Values has a citric acid solution that is both odorless and powerful. Each bottle is good for two uses. A two pack will provide four doses. That’s a year supply if you descale your machine every three months. 


Impresa Universal Descaler (2 Pack)
  • Great-value descaler compatible with all coffee makers
  • Uses gentle citric and sulfamic acids
  • Made in the USA

The Impresa descaler is a top selling descaler. It uses citric and sulfamic acids. Both are gentle on metal and aluminum. A pack has two bottles, each enough for two uses.

How To Descale Breville Coffee Maker Models

We’ve summed up the instructions on how to descale two of the most popular Breville coffee maker models.

How To Descale Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Machines

Note that the process takes about 15 minutes to complete and cannot be stopped mid-cleaning cycle.

  1. Empty the water reservoir.
  2. Fill the water tank with a descaler and water mix following the instructions on your solution.
  3. Ensure the thermal carafe is empty and place it under the drip stop outlet.
  4. Place the basket in position and ensure the lid is securely locked.
  5. Press and hold the SELECT button for 3 seconds to start the descale cycle. The LCD screen should show “dSL” and tell you how much time remains in the process.
  6. When the descaling is over, the LCD screen will show the main menu.
  7. Turn the machine upside down to remove any leftover solution in the water tank.
  8. Fill the tank with fresh water only and brew into the carafe twice. Discard the water from the carafe and rinse it.
Descaling Breville Precision Brewer

You may also see page 18 of your user manual for the instructions on how to descale Breville precisions brewers.

How To Descale Breville Grind Control or Breville Grind and Brew

Descaling Breville Grind Control machines takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete and cannot be stopped mid-cycle.

  1. Empty the tank by pressing the CUP | CARAFE button and turning the dial to select the water volume that is currently in your tank.
  2. Turn the strength dial to the pre-ground setting. Do not add any coffee grounds to the coffee basket. Make sure it is empty.
  3. Ensure the lid is locked. Empty the carafe and place it under the drip outlet.
  4. Press the START | CANCEL button. When the cycle is over, discard water. The tank should be empty.
  5. Mix your descaling solution with cold, filtered water following the steps on your solution packaging.
  6. Place the empty carafe under the drip outlet.
  7. Hold the STRENGTH button for 5 seconds to start the cycle.
  8. When the process is over, the LCD screen will show READY.
  9. Empty the water from the carafe and rinse. Press MENU | EXIT to return to the main menu.
  10. rinse your machine to remove any residue. Fill the water tank with only clean filtered water until the display shows 12 CUPS.
  11. Rotate the CUP | CARAFE dial to select 12 Cups. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
  12. Repeat the rinse cycle (Steps 9 and 10) one more time to remove any remaining solution.

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