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A Guide To Cleaning & Descaling A Technivorm Moccamaster

Your Moccamaster coffee maker wasn’t cheap. Knowing how to clean your Moccamaster the right way will help you keep it working at its best longer. In addition to basic cleaning after every use, it is important that you understand when and how you should be descaling your Moccamaster for a deeper clean that will help to extend its life. Keep reading to learn more.

How To Clean Your Technivorm Moccasmaster After Every Use

Use a moist cloth to wipe clean the exterior of your Moccamaster, then dry it. Wipe the area around where the coffee dispenses with a soft, damp towel.

Handwash the brew basket and glass or thermal carafe with a sponge and mild soap after every use. Never use an abrasive sponge or metal tool to clean the carafe as they can cause scratches. The Moccamaster glass and thermal carafes are NOT dishwasher safe. A curved pot cleaning tool is a great way to never miss a spot while you hand wash.

How To Clean Coffee Stains From Moccamaster Carafes

Over time you may notice coffee oil stains forming inside the Moccamaster carafe, especially the thermal ones. To get rid of those stains, fill the carafe with clean water and add a small amount of dishwasher detergent to it. Allow it to soak overnight and then rinse thoroughly. If the detergent was not effective in removing the stains, try a cleaning product. Moccamaster recommends cleaning agents made by Urnex and Durgol.

Descaling Your Moccamaster Every 100 Cycles (Descaling)

The water used to brew coffee causes limescale buildup inside your Moccamaster. While not toxic, this can impact the machine’s water flow, temperature and performance. It can even affect the taste of your drink. Descaling, also known as deliming or decalcifying, is the name of the deep cleaning process that removes these minerals.

Moccamaster recommends descaling after every 100 uses of your coffee maker. If you use a 100 count box of coffee filters, it makes it easy to remember when it is time to descale. You need to descale regardless of whether you are using filtered water, bottled water or tap water with a low to normal mineral count. Regular descaling will extend the life of your machine. If you don’t descale, you can void your Moccamaster warranty.

Consider descaling your Moccamaster more often if your tap has “hard water,” meaning it contains higher level of minerals. This will cause the limescale to buildup inside your coffee maker even faster. If you are not sure about the level of minerals in your water, you can always get a low-cost water testing kit.

If you start to have any of these issues, you will also want to descale your Moccamaster ASAP:

  • brew speed is too slow
  • the volume brewed is less than you expect
  • coffee does not come out
  • machine makes a rumbling noise

Can You Descale A Moccamaster With Vinegar?

If you look in your Moccamaster user manual, you will see that they specifically advise AGAINST using vinegar. White vinegar contains 5-8% acetic acid and apple cider vinegar has 5-6%. This type of acid can wear down metal and cause leaks. Vinegar is also less effective than other cleaners at removing oils left by used coffee beans. Plus, it may leave a taste or odor which may make your drink unpleasant. That isn’t how I like my coffee to taste… Instead, the best way how to deep clean a Moccamaster is with a commercial cleaning solution.

What Descaler Does Moccamaster Recommend?

Moccamaster recommends descaling products made by Urnex or Durgol.


durgol descaling solution recommended for moccamaster

The Durgol Swiss descaler is a professional grade cleaner that will remove buildup of calcium and limescale. The fast and effective formula is gentle but still powerful enough to clean your Moccamaster. Made in Switzerland, it will leave no residue or lingering odor.


Urnex has powder based descalers that you can use with your Moccamaster. The formulas are non-toxic and bio-degradable. They are all fast and effective in removing limescale buildup.

Moccamaster Descaling Instructions

Moccamaster recommends following the instructions on the descaler packaging.

How To Descale Using Urnex Powder

If you are using the Urnex powder, you should add 1 oz or 28 grams of descaler powder for every 32 oz or 1 L of water. Most of the glass or thermal carafe Moccamasters have a 1 or 1.25 L water tank. If yours has a 1L tank, use 1 oz or 28 grams of powder. If it has a 1.25 L tank, use 1.25 oz or 35 grams of powder.

Fill the water tank to the top line with clean water and stir with a spoon so that the powder dissolves. Then start a brew cycle so that the Urnex descaler runs through the machine. Continue until the water tank is empty. Discard the contents of the carafe. Add fresh water only to the tank and run a brew cycle to rinse the Moccamaster. Repeat twice.

Descaling Moccamaster Using Durgol Liquid Solution

Add 1 bottle of the Durgol Swiss descaler to the water tank. Then add 0.5 L of clean water. Start a brew cycle so that the Durgol descaler runs through the machine. Continue until the water tank is empty. Discard the contents of the carafe. Add fresh water only to the tank and run a brew cycle to rinse the Moccamaster. Repeat twice.

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