Top Reasons Why Your Mr Coffee Maker Beeps And Won’t Brew

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Why Your Mr Coffee Maker Beeps And Won’t Brew

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Mr Coffee machines usually beep once when the brew cycle is complete. If your Mr Coffee Maker beeps 3 or 5 times and won’t brew, then something is wrong with the machine. It could be a defective part of a possible trigger of a safety mechanism because something is not as expected. Keep reading to learn more about what may cause your Mr Coffee Maker to beep and what you might be able to do to fix it.

Mr Coffee Maker Beeps Cause #1: Removable Parts Not Placed Correctly

In order to run a brew cycle, all of the parts of your Mr Coffee machine must be in place. The carafe, the filter basket, and the water tank must be seated correctly in the coffee maker. The lid must also be closed all the way. Note that all of these parts have to be in place BEFORE you push the button to start brewing. Some of us like to jump the gun and hit the brew button just as the carafe is going into place. Don’t do that! If you do, your Mr Coffee Maker may beep 3 times.

Mr Coffee Maker Beeps Cause #2: Blocked Water Path

Have you been regularly cleaning and descaling your Mr Coffee machine? If not, it’s possible that minerals from the water used to brew your coffee have built up inside the pipes. When this happens, it can cause blockages. Those blockages can cause your Mr Coffee Maker to beep and not brew because water can’t get through the machine.

Depending on the severity of the clog, it may be too late. I water can’t flow through the machine, you won’t be able to run the descaling solution through it either. You can always try initiating a cleaning cycle using water in the tank. If it runs through, then you’ll know you can repeat but this time use a descaler to really clean out the machine.

Mr Coffee Cleaning Packets
Mr Coffee Maker Cleaner

A cleaning company called Twinkle developed a cleaning and descaling solution for Mr Coffee machines. It removes limescale and calcium build more effectively than vinegar. Plus, there is no odor. A box contains two cleaning packets.

Mr Coffee Maker Beeps Cause #3: Dirty or Disconnected Internal Piece

There are lots of internal parts that could break and cause your Mr Coffee Maker machine to beep. A common issue is that the hose detaches from the water reservoir. Heating tube wires, heating elements, and other internal parts may also end up out of place. If you are handy, you may be open up your Mr Coffee Maker and take a look. However, for most of us this will be too advanced. It also is not recommended by Mr Coffee and may void your warranty. Instead, you may want to get your machine repaired at a service center or just replace it with a new one coffee machine.

Where To Get More Help

If your Mr Coffee Maker is still beeping and won’t brew, contact Mr Coffee for help. Most machines will come with a 1 year warranty. It is especially recommended that you contact them if your warranty is still valid. They may be able to repair or replace your coffee maker.

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