Can You Use Keurig K-Cups Twice? There’s A Better Way To Save

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Why Should Reconsider Using K-Cups Twice

Keurig coffee makers may be super convenient, but using one regularly certainly isn’t cheap. A single K-cup can cost as much as 75 cents. If you are trying to get a lot of use out of your machine without breaking the bank, you may be wondering if you can use Keurig K-cups twice. Technically there is nothing stopping you, but you may not want to. Keep reading to learn more.

Will Keurig Coffee Makers Let You Brew K-Cups Twice?

If you’ve learned how to use your Keurig machine, you know that there is nothing stopping you from brewing a K-cup again just after you’ve used it once. Regardless of what machine you have, you can just hit the brew button again.

Why You Should Not Use K-Cups Twice

That said, just because you technically can brew a pod twice, doesn’t mean you should. Keurig pods are made to be used only once. When you run a pod through a second brew cycle, a few things might happen. First, you might end up with a coffee tastes bitter or burnt because the grinds will end up being over-extracted the second time. Secondly, your coffee will probably taste watered down. Since some water has already passed through the K-cup, some of the pods original coffee content has dissolved. So less coffee in the K-cup, means your cup of coffee will taste watered down and weak, not strong like most people like it.

How To Save Money By Using Your Own Coffee Grinds

Did you know that you can use your own coffee grinds with a Keurig? You just need a reusable filter, like the official My K-Cup made by Keurig. Reusable filters can be quite economical compared to buying Keurig K-Cups. If you buy a 12 oz bag of coffee beans for $8, you can make 16 cups from it. That’s only 50 cents per cup! That’s a savings of as much as 25 cents per cup.

My K-Cup reusable filter to use ground coffee with Keurig
My K-Cup Reusable Filter

You can also find several highly rated off-brand filters on Amazon. The main advantage of these is price. However, you must be sure to check the details on the product page to determine whether or not this filter is compatible with your Keurig model. For example, several of these mention they are not compatible with K-Mini, K-Supreme and K-Duo models.

Here are a couple highly rated options that mention compatibility with K-Mini or K-Supreme.

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