How To Run A Delonghi Dinamica Descale Cycle The Right Way

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How To Run A Delonghi Dinamica Descale Cycle The Right Way

Delonghi Dinamica
Delonghi Dinamica

The water used to brew coffee causes lime scale and calcium mineral buildup inside your Delonghi Dinamica machine. While not toxic, these can block the espresso maker’s water flow and impact temperature and overall performance. It can affect the taste of your espresso too. Descaling is the name of the process that removes these minerals to extend the life of your Delonghi espresso machine. Keep reading to find Delonghi Dinamica descale instructions for every model.

Delonghi Dinamica Descale Frequency

An alert on your Delonghi Dinamica espresso maker will start flashing when it is time to descale. It will look like a bunch of triangles in between two lines. You will still be able to brew espresso after this light has come on, but you should descale as soon as possible.

Delonghi Dinamica descale alert
Delonghi Dinamica descale indicator

However, you don’t have to wait for this light to turn on. A good rule of thumb is that a you should descale your coffee maker after 3 months or 90 uses, whichever comes first. This is true if you are using filtered water, bottled water or tap water with a low to normal mineral count.

You should descale your Delonghi Dinamica more often if your tap has “hard water,” meaning it contains higher level of minerals. If you are not sure about the level of minerals in your water, you can get a low-cost water testing kit. This will allow you to set the water hardness level on your Dinamica machine so that the descale alert activates at the right time.

Can You Descale Delonghi Dinamica With Vinegar?

You should not use water and vinegar for descaling Delonghi Dinamica machines. White vinegar contains 5-8% acetic acid and apple cider has 5-6%. This type of acid can wear down metal and cause leaks. Plus, vinegar cannot remove oils left by used espresso beans.

Instead, the best way to descale a Dinamica espresso machine is with a descaling agent made by Delonghi. It has safe and effective types of cleansers, like lactic or citric acid, that won’t damage your brewer. Using DIY solutions to descale your De’Longhi may damage your machine and void your warranty.

Delonghi Dinamica Descale Solution

De’Longhi EcoDecalk Descaler, Eco-Friendly Universal Descaling Solution for Coffee & Espresso Machines, 16.90 oz (5 uses)
  • Significantly reduces the likelihood of premature breakdown from hard water scale build-up, increases the energy efficiency, and improves the coffee flavor
  • Made with 100% lactic acid
  • Suitable for all espresso/coffee machines
  • Will keep your machine running smoothly so you can always enjoy your favorite beverages
  • Usable for all Coffee machines

The Ecodecalk descaler is the official espresso machine descaling solution from Delonghi. It is made in Italy with high quality, plant-based lactic acid that is both safe and effective in cleaning your machine. The ingredients are natural and fully biodegradable. A 16.90 fl oz bottle has enough solution for up to 5 uses. Smaller bottles may be considered more convenient because they are already portioned for a single use.

Delonghi Dinamica Descale Instructions (Without Milk Container)

Once you have your Delonghi solution, follow these simple steps on how to descale your Dinamica machine.


  1. Turn the machine off. Empty the drip tray and grounds container. Empty
  2. Empty the water tank and remove the water filter. Pour the solution into the tank up to the Level A (100 ml of solution). Now add fresh water up to the Level B (1L of water).
  3. Place a container that can hold 2L of water under the frother and coffee spouts.
  4. The descale, steam and rinse cycle lights should all be on. If they are not, press and hold the strength selector until they light up.


  1. Press the rinse cycle button to confirm that the solution and water are in the tank. The descale cycle will now start automatically.
  2. After a few minutes, the steam icon will start to flash. You should turn the steam/hot water dial to the I position. Solution will start dispensing from the frother.
  3. Your unit will sound like it is starting and stopping. That is the normal process. After 35 minutes, the descaling will stop and the add water light will flash.


  1. Next, you have to run a rinse cycle to remove any residue from the solution. Start with the water tank. Rinse it and fill it with fresh water only to the MAX line. Put the tank back. Empty the container with the used solution and return it under the hot water spout and boiler outlet.
  2. Press the rinse cycle button. The steam light will flash. Turn the steam/hot water dial to the 0 position. The machine will start rinsing from the coffee spout.
  3. After a few minutes, the steam light will flash again. Turn the dial to the I position. Now water will start flowing from the frother.
  4. When the tank is empty, the add water light will turn on. It is time for the second rinse cycle.
  5. Fill the tank with fresh water. Empty the container and return it to its position. Press the rinse icon and water will start flowing from the frother.
  6. When the tank is empty, the add water light will turn on. Empty the container. Fill the tank again to the max line. The steam light will flash. Turn the dial to the 0 position.
  7. Empty and replace the drip tray and grounds container.
How To Descale De’Longhi Dinamica

Delonghi Dinamica Descale Instructions (With Milk Container)

If you have the Delonghi Dinamica model with the milk container, the LCD display will guide you through the steps from start to finish. The process takes about 45 minutes to complete. Don’t start until you have your Delonghi solution.

How To Descale De’Longhi Dinamica With Frother

What To Do If the Delonghi Dinamica Descale Light Still Flashes After Descaling?

If the light continues to flash after you ran a descaling cycle, a step must have been interrupted along the way. You can repeat the process, this time using only water from start to finish and no solution. Note that it is also critical that you fill the tank to the MAX line during every rinse cycle. If you don’t additional rinse cycles will be required to make sure there is no residue left in the machine.

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