How Many Watts or Amps Does A Keurig Use? Power Consumption Details

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How Many Watts or Amps Does A Keurig Use?

All Keurig brewers will operate at 120 volts. How much power a Keurig uses (in watts or amps) will depend on what it is doing. It uses the most energy when powering on and the least when idle. Keep reading for all of the details. But first, two quick notes:

Assumptions behind energy cost estimates: At the time of writing this post in February 2022, the average electricity rate in the US is 10.42 cents per kilowatt-hour. This can vary widely depending on where you live. Click the link to see the latest average rates in your state.

Disclaimer: If you have any safety concerns about leaving kitchen appliances plugged in, you should do your own research and make your own decision. This post is not offering any advice or opinion on whether you should leave your brewer plugged in.

How Much Power Does A Keurig Use?

Powering On The Keurig

Once you press the power button on your Keurig, lights will turn on and the brewer will start warming up. It will take a few minutes for the water to heat to 192 degrees Fahrenheit. This could take as little as 20 seconds to as long as three or four minutes, depending on what model you have. This entire process can use as much as 1500 watts of power (or 12.5 amps). If you were to power your coffee maker on every day for a month, at three to four minutes per cycle, this would cost you between 23 and 31 cents per month. That’s around a penny or less a day.

Idle Time

If you power on your Keurig, brew a K-Cup, and then leave the coffee machine on, it will maintain less heat until you go to make another cup. The brewer will use power during this idle time. However, the power consumption will be minimal, about the same as a 60 watt lightbulb. At 60 watts an hour, or 0.5 amps, leaving your Keurig on 24/7 would cost you about $4.50 per month. That’s about 15 cents a day.

Heating Up From Idle

Your Keurig will maintain some heat while idle. When you go to brew a new pod, the brewer will have to bring the water up to the right temperature. Heating from idle uses 200 to 400 watts. That’s about 1.67 to 3.33 amps. Since this should only take 30 to 60 seconds, the cost is pretty insignificant.

Keurig Coffee Maker Energy Saving Feature

keurig auto off auto on energy saving feature
keurig auto off energy saving feature

Many Keurig coffee machines come with an Energy Saver or Auto Off feature to reduce power usage. This feature will be enabled by default. However, with many (but not all) models you do have the option of turning it off. The Auto Off is triggered at different times depending on the model you have. Here is when energy saving will kick in for some of the most popular Keurig machines out there.

ModelAuto Off Time
K-Supreme Plus5 minutes
K-Mini90 seconds
K-Duo / K-Duo Plus5 minutes
K-Elite2 hours
K-Cafe2 hours
K-Select2 hours
K1590 seconds

If your Keurig keeps shutting off and you are sure you have Auto Off disabled, there may be an issue with your machine that needs your attention. Click the link to see my related post.

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