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Everything You Need To Know About Keurig Cleaning Rinse Pods

What do you get when you mix french vanilla, hazelnut and caramel flavor coffee? Something that tastes a bit weird. If you use your Keurig to brew flavored coffees, hot chocolate or even tea, you may have noticed that the taste of your coffee has changed over time. That’s because pods leave behind flavor residue and oils. If not cleaned, they can end up in your next cup of coffee. Keurig cleaner pods can help. If you want to keep your brewer clean, learn how to use Keurig cleaning rinse pods.

What Is A Keurig Rinse Pod?

keurig rinse pods

Over time, residue and oil from coffee grinds can build up in your coffee maker. A Keurig rinse pod is the quickest and easiest way to clean your K-cup pod holder, brewer funnel and exit needle. These Keurig cleaning pods contain a special formula that can rinse away the leftover coffee residue and oils. They can help clear out any leftover coffee grinds from old pods too. Keeping your brewer’s parts clean will give you a better tasting cup of coffee. It can help you extend the life of your coffee maker too. These pods are compatible with all brewer models other than the Vue. One box contains ten cleaner capsules.

What’s Inside A Keurig Cleaning Pod?

Keurig rinse pods contain only four ingredients:

  • Maltodextrin is a processed, plant-based powder made corn, rice, wheat or potato starch
  • Citric Acid: a gentle cleansing acid that is safe and effective on the metal parts inside your brewer
  • Sodium Citrate is an acid neutralizer derived from citric acid
  • Sodium Bicarbonate is an acid neutralizer more often called baking soda

This combo creates a non-toxic, safe and effective cleaning agent. It is gentle and odorless. Keurig cleaner pods are made in the USA.

Rinse Pods vs Descaling Solution

Both rinse pods and descaling solution contain citric acid, but they have different uses. A rinse pod goes in the K-cup holder and only cleans that area. On the other hand, the liquid descaler goes into your water tank and travels all the way through the brewer. This enables the solution to remove limescale from all of the areas where water flows through.

Use the Keurig cleaning pods weekly or in between flavored coffee brews. This reduces flavor carry over across brewed pods and keeps beverages tasting as they were meant to. Use the descaling solution when prompted by your Keurig or every three months, whichever comes first. If your machine is not pumping water well, it is a sign that you need to descale.

How To Use Keurig Rinse Pods

The cleaning pods work with all Keurig coffee makers except the Vue system. Just follow these simple rinse pods steps:

  1. Place a large cup on the drip tray
  2. Lift handle and insert rinse pod
  3. Lower handle and select 8 oz brew size
  4. When done, remove and discard the rinse pod
  5. Empty the cup and then place it back on the drip tray
  6. Run one or two 8 oz water only cycle to rinse the brewer of any cleaning solution left from the pod

When To Use Cleaning Pods

Keurig says to use a rinse pod once a week. However, if you often use your brewer to make hot chocolate, tea or flavored coffees, you may want to use them more often.

If you use a Keurig to make hot water and the hot water starts tasting like coffee, you should run a cleaning rinse. Or if you use it to brew tea every now and then and the tea starts to taste like coffee, the pod holder needs cleaning. Using a rinse pod before and after you make hot cocoa or tea will make sure any residue doesn’t end up in your next cup of coffee (or vice versa).

Using in between brewing different flavored coffee K-cups will prevent any mixing of the flavors. That way you can enjoy your coffee pod as the maker of it intended.

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