A Complete Guide To Nespresso Essenza Plus Lights Errors

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A Complete Guide To Nespresso Essenza Plus Light Errors

The Essenza Plus is the newest of the more basic Nespresso Original machines. It has some more functionality and, as a result, some unique light alerts compared to other models you may have used. In most cases, descaling or cooling down is needed. Keep reading to learn more about what Nespresso Essenza Plus blinking orange or red lights mean and how to fix other flashing light errors.

Nespresso Essenza Plus Light Blinking (Red or Orange)

There is a small LED light above the Nespresso button on the Essenza Plus; technically the light is orange but it may look red to some people. This light is used to alert you that your machine needs to be descaled. It is triggered by how many pods you have brewed since the last descale cycle. At first the light will blink. If you ignore it, it will turn steady to warn you that machine performance and coffee quality will be degraded.

  • Open the lever to eject any used capsule. Empty the drip tray and used capsule container.
  • Fill the tank halfway (about 17 oz of water) and then add one packet of the Nespresso descaling solution.
  • Place a 1L container under the coffee outlet. Turn the machine on.
  • Press and hold the Espresso, Lungo and Hot Water buttons for 5 seconds to enter descaling mode. All buttons will start blinking.
  • Press the Hot Water button only and the descaling process will start. Wait until the water tank is empty.
  • Empty and rinse the water tank thoroughly. Fill it with fresh drinking water only to the max line.
  • Perform the Hot Water button to start a rinse cycle to remove any residue from inside the machine.
  • Once the tank is empty, fill it up again and press the Hot Water button to start a second rinse cycle.
  • The machine will shut off automatically when the second rinse cycle is complete.
How To Descale Essenza Plus

What To Do If Orange/Red Light Stays On After Descaling?

If the red or orange light stays on after you have completed a descale cycle, it is possible that it did not complete. It is very important that your water tank is filled the MAX line. If it isn’t, the light will stay on. Try running through the descale cycle again, this time using only water and no solution. Remember, you have to run the rinse cycle twice.

Nespresso Essenza Plus Three Lights Flashing

When your three beverage buttons are blinking, it means your Essenza Plus has overheated. Let the unit rest for a few minutes. The lights should stop blinking. If they don’t, unplug the machine and then plug it in again. If the lights are still flashing, contact Nespresso support. When this happens repeatedly, it is a sign of a problem with the internal thermo component.

All Four Essenza Plus Lights Blinking

All four lights will blink from front to back while the Essenza Plus is going through a firmware update. This usually takes a few minutes to complete. You won’t be able to use the machine during this time. When the update is done, the espresso machine will stop blinking and turn off.

Essenza Plus One Touch Order Button Light Is Orange

An Orange LED light on the Essenza Plus is related to the One Touch order functionality built into the machine. It is usually triggered by a failed order. If you already have another order in progress with Nespresso, your order will fail until the previous order ships. If you don’t, it is possible that your machine has lost the connection with the app. Check two things:

  1. Open up the Nespresso app to confirm that your Essenza Plus is paired with your phone or tablet and that it is connected to WiFi.
  2. Confirm that you have configured an order template and linked it to the machine via the app.

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