How To Fix Nespresso Pixie Flashing Lights or Red Light

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How To Fix Nespresso Pixie Flashing Lights or Red Light

Nespresso Pixie flashing lights usually means it is stuck in descale mode. If your Pixie has a red light, usually it means the tank is empty or pod bin full. In less common cases, these lights may signal a problem with an internal component that only Nespresso can help you fix if you send it in for repair. Keep reading to learn more.

Nespresso Pixie Flashing Lights

There are a few different potential meanings when both the Espresso and Lungo buttons on your Nespresso Pixie are flashing lights. The most common problem is that your machine may be accidentally stuck in descale mode. To exit descale mode, press and hold both the Espresso and Lungo buttons together for three seconds.

What To Do If Nespresso Pixie Lights Keep Blinking

If this didn’t fix the blinking lights issue, it is possible your Pixie has overheated. Simply unplug it and let it rest and cool down for at least 30 minutes. If the lights are blinking very fast, it is possible there is an electrical fault with your Pixie machine. In that case, you should unplug it and contact Nespresso customer support.

Nespresso Pixie Red Light

nespresso pixie red light
Nespresso Pixie Red Light

In most cases, a red light on your Pixie is used to alert you that your water tank is empty or low. It can also be triggered when the machine thinks the capsule bin is full. You can still use your machine even if this light is on, but you may find it annoying. To fix it, try these easy steps first:

  • Remove the tank, empty it, refill it with fresh water. Use a paper towel to wipe down the connection under the water tank. Place it back on the machine.
  • Remove and empty the used capsule container. Make sure it is dry inside and around the sides by wiping it down with a paper towel. Return it to the unit.

What To Do If Nespresso Pixie Red Light Stays On

If the red light stays on, there may be some water or steam inside the machine that is interfering with the water level sensors. To clean the sensors, unplug your machine and turn it around. On the back of the machine you should see two small squares that open up. They are to the right of the water intake, and are about an inch apart from each other. They are covered by some transparent plastic. Gently wipe off any water or steam that is covering the sensors. Also wipe the back of your water tank in case there is any water or steam there too.

If the right light turned on after you descaled your machine, it is possible that the descale cycle did not complete. The water tank must empty completely. You’ll need to run the cycle again, but you can use only water. Fill the water tank to the max line and then follow all of the steps to descale a Pixie from start to finish.

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