Can You Put Milk In A Keurig? Absolutely Not!

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Can You Put Milk In A Keurig? Absolutely Not!

Can You Put Milk In A Keurig?
Can You Put Milk In A Keurig

I’m really glad you are here reading this. You were thinking about putting milk directly into your Keurig machine water reservoir. But instead of just doing it, you thought to Google it first. Congrats! You just saved yourself from having to shell out a hundred bucks for a new coffee maker. Can you put milk in a Keurig? Absolutely not! Using milk in a Keurig will drastically shortening the lifespan of your machine. Keep reading to learn why and what you can use instead to heat your milk.

Why You Should Never Put Milk In a Keurig

Nearly all Keurig models are meant to heat water only since that is needed to brew the coffee in the K-Cups. The Keurig K-Cafe is the only model that has been designed with built in milk frothing and heating. For all other models, you would need to heat it on a stovetop or buy the Keurig frother.

only put milk in the keurig k-cafe
Keurig K-Cafe

The inside of your brewer has a smaller, secondary water tank and many tubes that are meant to carry water from the tank all the way to your cup. Even something as clean as fresh water will leave a residue that you need to clean up through a process known as descaling. Imagine what the damage that running milk through it would cause! It’d be nearly impossible to fully remove the milk from the inside of the machine. Soon after it will start to spoil and make your coffee taste disgusting.

Even if you were convinced that you had a great way to clean the machine, science would say that you probably won’t like the taste of your drink. Milk will start to curdle at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This is when lumps start to form. Eww! The internal temperature of a Keurig can reach 192 degrees, well above the curdling point.

Other Ways To Heat Milk

If you are trying to make a latte or a hot chocolate, you’ll need hot milk. To get it, you can either use your stovetop or a Keurig accessory.

Milk Frother

Keurig Milk Frother

Keurig makes its own frother. You can use it to both steam and froth milk. Whole milk probably works best, but you can also use skim, soy and almond if you prefer. To get milk froth with a thick amount of foam, just fill to the bottom line marked on the non-stick inner coating. To steam milk, you want to remove the coil from around the whisk. Then you can fill to either the lower or upper max line. The frother works quickly and cleaning it is easy.

Stovetop Method

Add milk to a saucepan over low to medium heat. Let it come to a simmer. Be sure to whisk it occasionally. After about five minutes it should be hot and smooth.

Use Pods That Have Dry Milk

If you like hot chocolate, then you should look for hot chocolate k-cups that have dry milk powder inside. This will give your drink some creaminess. You can always top it off with your own fresh milk too.

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