What Is Lungo Nespresso? How To Enjoy These Pods

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What Is Lungo Nespresso? How To Enjoy These Pods

Most of us are familiar with espresso pods, but what is lungo Nespresso? In Italian, “lungo” means “long”. When you brew a lungo pod, it will use more water and be extracted for a longer amount of time. That’s why a lungo may also be referred to as a long shot. But just how big are lungo coffees and how are you supposed to use these types of pods? I have answers to all of these questions and more! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

What Is Lungo Nespresso?

A Nespresso lungo pod for Original line machines is a 3.7 oz espresso drink. It is brewed with more water than a regular espresso shot. As a result, it will have more volume and more caffeine. That means you can enjoy a lungo longer than a regular espresso. The taste will be less intense, though also more bitter.

How Many Ounces In A Lungo Nespresso Pod?

Original Nespresso Lungo
Original Nespresso Lungo

Choosing a lungo Nespresso pod is great when you want something bigger than an espresso shot. A lungo capsule will make a 3.7 oz / 109 ml drink. That is double the size of an espresso pod.

Pod SizeOuncesML
Lungo (Original)3.7109

If you also have a Nespresso Vertuo machine, you’ll find Gran Lungo pods instead. These are slightly larger at 5 oz, hence the “gran” (or large in Italian) in the name.

How Much Caffeine Is In Lungo Pods?

Lungo pods for Original Nespresso coffee makers will contain 77 to 85 mg of caffeine. They will range from light to medium to dark intensity.

Original PodSizeCaffeine ContentIntensityFlavor Profile
TokyoLungo77 – 85 mg6 (Medium)Flowery & Complex
Vienna LinizioLungo77 – 85 mg6 (Medium)Round & Smooth
Cape Town EnvivoLungo77 – 85 mg10 (Dark)Intense & Roasted
StockholmLungo77 – 85 mg8 (Medium)Rich & Full-bodied
ShanghaiLungo77 – 85 mg5 (Light)Fruity & Fine Acidity
Buenos AiresLungo77 – 85 mg4 (Light)Sweet & Cereal

How Do You Use Lungo Nespresso Pods?

To make a lungo with your Original Nespresso machine, just press the larger cup button.

When it comes to how to prepare a drink using a lungo pod, there is no one right answer. The best way to use these pods is whatever tastes good to you! Some people will drink lungos black, while others will add a splash of milk or creamer. You can drink them hot or iced too. I like to drink my lungo black, which means without milk. It’s perfect for when I am looking for something to sip on longer than an espresso.

If you are making a latte or a cappuccino, I would not recommend using a lungo as the espresso will be too diluted. Also, while lungo Nespresso pods may be americano inspired, they don’t make a true americano. That’s because the ratio of espresso to water won’t be quite right. If you want a Nespresso americano, you are should just use espresso pods.

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