Nespresso Aeroccino Not Spinning? Tips To Get It Working Now

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Nespresso Aeroccino Not Spinning? Tips To Get It Working Now

It can be very disappointing when all of a sudden your Aeroccino is not spinning. Below are some tips on that you can try to get it working again.

Before reading further, if your Aeroccino is displaying a blinking red light error, I would suggest you start troubleshooting my reading my related article on the meaning of the Aeroccino flashing red light.

Step 1: Re-Magnetize The Whisk

You may have noticed that when you lower the whisk into the Aeroccino, it gets pulled down the base. This is magnetism creating a connection between the whisk and the milk frother. It is this force that holds it in place and makes it spin. If your Aeroccino is not spinning, it could be because the whisk has become demagnetized. You can test this by seeing if your whisk sticks to another metal surface like a refrigerator. The issue could also be with the magnet in the base of the frother shifting out of place.

There are a few things you should do to fix this:

  1. Remove the whisk and gently tap the milk frother on a hard surface like a counter or table. If the magnet in the base became dislodged, this can help put it back in place.
  2. Run a magnet around the edge of the whisk with the coil attached.
  3. Remove the coil, and then run a magnet around the edge of the whisk again.
Aeroccino not spinning may caused by a dirty or demagnetized coil ring around the whisk
Coil Ring on Whisk
Aeroccino not spinning may caused by a dirty or demagnetized whisk
Whisk with coil ring removed

Step 2: Clean The Whisk And The Inside Of The Aeroccino

In order for your milk frother to work correctly, the inside needs to be kept clean. You can see what a properly maintained Aeroccino looks like in the image below. If you don’t clean your frother after every use, milk residue can build up along the bottom and the sides. This can prevent the Aeroccino whisk from spinning.

If you see milk residue either inside the frother or stuck to the whisk coil, you’ll need to clean both to remove it. When cleaning the inside of the Aeroccino, be sure to only use warm soapy water and a gentle sponge. Abrasive cleaners can scratch the inside of the jug and make it unusable.

Example of a clean Aeroccino. Milk residue can cause it to not spin.
Example of a clean Aeroccino Milk residue can cause it to not spin

Step 3: Clean The Aeroccino Base

If your whisk is magnetized and both the whisk and the inside of your frother are clean, your Aeroccino may not be spinning because of an issue at the connection of the jug to the base. Empty the frother and flip it over to inspect under light. Is there any rust or debris inside the hole? If so, try to remove it. If not, just unplug the base and give it a gentle wipe. Dry it fully before plugging it in again and trying to use

What To Do If Your Aeroccino Is Still Not Spinning?

If after these steps your Aeroccino is still not spinning, I would suggest you contact Nespresso support. The phone number is 1-800-562-1465.

How To Prevent Aeroccino Not Spinning From Happening Again

If you managed to get your Aeroccino working, there are a couple things you can do that may reduce the chance of this happening again. First, it is best to not leave your whisk attached to the base of the machine when you are not using it. You can attach it to the lid so that you don’t lose it.

You should also try to not leave frothed or steamed milk in the Aeroccino too long. This can cause the whisk to become corroded over time. Once you are done using it, it is best to clean the inside of the frother and the whisk right away.

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