Can You Use Nespresso Pods In A Keurig? What You Need To Know

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Can You Use Nespresso Pods In A Keurig? What You Need To Know

Can You use Nespresso Pods In A Keurig?
Can You use Nespresso Pods In A Keurig

Keurig and Nespresso are both makers of pod-based coffee machines. However, the two brands of machines are extremely different, both in the types of pods they use and how the coffee makers work. This presents a challenge for those looking to use a pod from one brand in the machine of the other. Can you use Nespresso pods in a Keurig coffee maker? Can you use Keurig pods in a Nespresso? The short answer is no, but you can keep reading to learn more.

Why Would Someone Want To Use Nespresso Pods In A Keurig?

If you are considering using a Nespresso pod in your Keurig machine, you are probably trying to find a way to make espresso. Espresso is a highly concentrated shot of coffee that is used to make popular milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. It can even be used in making desserts like an affogato.

If you are searching for espresso K-Cups, you won’t find any. You’ll probably find Keurig pods labeled as “espresso roast” or “espresso style.” However, these will make a stronger tasting coffee, not a true espresso. More on the reason why in the next section. As a result, you may be browsing through Nespresso espresso pods and wondering if you can use them in your Keurig. The answer in no.

So, Can You Use Nespresso Pods In A Keurig?

A fundamental difference between Keurig and Nespresso is that a Nespresso machine can make espresso, whereas a Keurig machine cannot make espresso. Brewing espresso requires that your coffee maker can achieve a certain level of pressure during extraction. Keurig machines just don’t have that capability. Nespresso machines do.

Nespresso pods will not fit in a Keurig coffee maker
Nespresso Vertuo and Original machines use different types of capsules that are not interchangeable

Thinking about trying to use a Nespresso pod in a Keurig anyways? Don’t waste your money! Nespresso Vertuo pods have a rounded shape so they won’t even fit in your Keurig. Nespresso Original pods are more similar in shape to a K-Cup, but there are two important differences. These pods are smaller than K-Cups so they won’t correctly in the Keurig brewing chamber. In addition, Keurig pods are made of plastic where as Nespresso pods are made of aluminum. This would make it harder for the exit needle in your Keurig to pierce the capsule.

Can You Use Keurig Pods In A Nespresso?

Keurig K-Cup will not work in a Nespresso machine
Keurig K Cup will not work in a Nespresso machine

You cannot use Keurig K-Cups in any Nespresso machine (Original or Vertuo). For starters, Keurig pods will not fit into any Nespresso original machine capsule holder. Vertuo machine have a bigger brew chamber, but the Vertuoline uses pods that have barcodes printed on the underside. This tells the machine what type of pod is being used, so it knows whether it needs enough water for an espresso or for a regular coffee. Without the barcode on a pod, a Nespresso Vertuo machine will not run.

Nespresso original machine pod holder
Nespresso original machine pod holder

What To Do If You Bought A Keurig But Really Want Real Espresso?

If you have a Keurig, you can try using those espresso roast K-cups and try brewing the smallest size your Keurig will make. If your Keurig has an ‘over ice’ option or strong button, use to get the most concentrated coffee possible. It won’t be authentic espresso, but its possible you may not really mind the difference in the taste of your latte or cappuccino.

nespresso vs keurig
Some people use both a Keurig and a Nespresso machine

Alternatively, you may want to invest in a basic Nespresso machine to use alongside your Keurig. Many people have multiple pod coffee makers for this reason. If you are looking for a Nespresso machine, I would recommend the Essenza Mini. It’s a no frills machine that makes espresso shots just as well as the more premium models.

What To Do If You Bought A Nespresso But Really Want Coffee?

If you have Nespresso Vertuoline machine, good news! Your Nespresso can make both espresso and regular coffee. The Vertuo Next can even make pour over style coffee. If you have an Original Nespresso machine, you won’t be able to make coffee. If you want to sip on something bigger than an espresso, all models have the option to make a lungo. It uses more water during the brewing process so it will be larger in volume, though also a bit more bitter. You may also want to consider trying an Americano, hot or iced. With an espresso shot and twice as much water, you’ll have a drink that you can sip on longer.

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