How To Reset Keurig Coffee Makers: A Complete Guide

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How To Reset Keurig Coffee Makers: A Complete Guide

Welcome Keurig owners! If your here, you’ve probably encountered an error with your machine that is making you wonder how to reset Keurig coffee makers. Maybe you’ve just completed a descaling cycle or two and the alert light isn’t turning itself off. Or maybe you went to brew your morning cup of coffee today and experienced one of these issues:

Unfortunately, very few Keurig machines have an easy to use reset button. In addition, most Keurig user manuals don’t even include instructions on how to reset the coffee maker. So what are you supposed to do? We scoured the web and found steps on how to reset a Keurig that have worked for many users.

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Keurig K-Duo Reset

  1. Press the power button.
  2. Press and hold both the 8 and 10 oz cup buttons together for 5 seconds.

Reset Keurig 2.0

If your touchscreen is completely dark or white, see our post on how to fix Keurig 2.0 screen issues. If the screen isn’t your problem, try the following.

  1. Turn off the machine.
  2. Remove the water tank.
  3. Wait 5 minutes and then plug the machine back in.
  4. Turn the power on.
  5. Put the water reservoir back in place.
  6. Open and close the pod holder.

K-Classic Reset

  1. Press and hold these three buttons at the same time for a few seconds: medium cup, large cup and auto off.

Reset Keurig Compact

  1. Open and then close the lid
  2. Hold down the power button and then press the small, medium and large button one time each in that order.
  3. The machine should start priming itself. If not, you may need to repeat step 2 a couple times.
  4. After it has primed, open and close the lid. Press the desired size button to use your machine.

Keurig Mini Reset

  1. Open and close the K-cup lever
  2. Press the button to power the machine off.
  3. Unplug it from the wall.
  4. Plug it back in and turn the machine on.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Reset

  1. Hit any button to turn on.
  2. Press and hold the 2 arrow buttons at the same time to enter the menu.
  3. Click Next.
  4. If you want to clear all of settings back to their original status, click to advance until you get to the Factory Reset option.
  5. Press the K button to confirm.
  6. The brewer will begin resetting.
  7. When done, the machine will prompt you to unplug the machine for 10 seconds and then plug it back in.

How To Reset Other Keurig Machines With A Display

  1. Press and hold the small and medium cup buttons at the same time.
  2. After 3 seconds, release them at the same time.
  3. Press the menu button three times in a row.
  4. Press the menu button again. You should see a message on the screen that says “brew 0:00”

How To Reset Keurig Models Without A Display

Method 1

  1. Turn off the machine.
  2. Unplug it from the wall.
  3. Press and hold the down the ON / OFF button. Do not let go until you have plugged the machine into the outlet again.
  4. Turn the machine on.

Method 2

  1. Turn off the machine.
  2. Remove the water tank.
  3. Wait 5 minutes and then plug the machine back in. Turn the power on.
  4. Put the water reservoir back in place.
  5. Open and close the pod holder.

Method 3

  1. Remove the water tank and unplug your machine.
  2. Let it sit overnight or for several hours.
  3. When the time has passed, put the tank back in place, turn the machine on and try to brew.

Additional Troubleshooting

A clogged exit needle can be the cause of a lot of Keurig issues. If a reset of your Keurig coffee maker doesn’t work, inspect the pod holder to see if there is a lot of coffee grind buildup around the needle. You may just need to clean the needle with the tool that came with your machine or with the paper clip method.

If none of these methods worked for you, you should contact Keurig support.

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