Keurig Won’t Turn On? Try These 5 Simple Solutions First

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Keurig Won’t Turn On? Try These 5 Simple Solutions First

Keurig Won't Turn On Solutions

It’s likely early when you are reading this. All you want is your morning cup of coffee. You go to turn on your Keurig just like you have every other day, but something is different today… your Keurig won’t turn on. Ugh! How do you fix this? Keep reading to see the steps you can take to figure out whether your Keurig won’t power on because of a machine defect or a broader electrical issue in your kitchen. Note: Before trying these steps, it’s always a good idea to make sure the water tank is at least half way full.

5 Steps To Take When Keurig Won’t Turn On

Step 1: Ensure The Power Button Is Pushed To Turn On Keurig

Your Keurig will either have a power button or an ON/OFF switch. If it has a switch, it will be located along the bottom of the brewer, either on the back or the side. For a Plus or 2.0 model with a touchscreen, the power button will be located in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you don’t see that power button icon, then your touch screen may not be working. See my related post on how to troubleshoot that.

Step 2: Ensure Plug Is Securely In Outlet

Unplug the power cord. Then plug it in again. Push to ensure that the plug has been inserted into the socket securely. Try to power on the coffee machine.

Step 3: Test A Different Outlet

If the Keurig brewer still won’t turn on, try plugging it in a different outlet. Don’t use the outlet above or below the one you just tried. Move the brewer to a spot in your kitchen where you can reach a completely different wall outlet.

Step 4: Test A Different Appliance In The Outlets

At this point, you’ve tried two different outlets and your Keurig still won’t turn on. It could be a problem with the brewer, or there could be a power issue in your kitchen. To rule out the power issue, try plugging a different kitchen or handheld appliance into one of the two outlets you just tested. If that other appliance turns on, then there is a problem with your coffee maker.

If the other appliance also won’t power on, then the issue is with your electricity not your Keurig. In that case, you’ll want to inspect your circuit breaker and ensure that the position of the levers in there looks correct. The breaker for your kitchen should be in the ON position. If it has flipped to OFF or Neutral, then you will need to reset it. Use caution!

Step 5: Attempt A Reset

If you can’t get power to your Keurig after the above steps, you can try a factory reset as a last resort before contacting support. Unfortunately, very few models have an easy to use reset button. However, you can see my related post to learn how to reset every Keurig model.

Keurig Won’t Turn On After Power Outage

If your Keurig stopped working after a power outage, the problem could be in your fuse box. If you didn’t flip the fuses to OFF or SAFETY, then your Keurig may have experienced a power surge when the electricity came back on. You can try to reset your brewer. If that doesn’t work, it is best to contact Keurig support and explain what happened.

Keurig Won’t Power On After Descaling

Did you recently descale your machine? If the machine shut off during the descale cycle and now won’t power on again, it’s possible that there thermal switch inside was tripped. Some clever owners figured out this issue, which seems to be common with the new K-Supreme models. Their solution involves disassembling the machine and resetting the switch. This is not easy! It can also void your warranty. I would suggest contacting Keurig support before trying this, especially if you are still under warranty. You can also just try letting the machine sit idle for 30 to 60 minutes to cool down in case it overheated during descaling.

When To Contact Keurig Support If Keurig Won’t Turn On

If you bought your machine new from Keurig or one of its retail partners, it has a warranty. For many models it is a one year warranty. If you already registered your Keurig, then getting support under the warranty will be easy. Just call support. If you haven’t done this, you’ll need to dig up your receipt and find your serial number. Then contact customer service to register. If it is under warranty, and none of the above steps get your brewer to turn on, then support should be help you. They may ask you to send the machine in for repair. They may also just send you a replacement machine.

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