How To Make Hot Water With Keurig And How Hot Should The Water Get?

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How To Make Hot Water With Keurig

You got your Keurig machines because it is a really convenient way to make a cup of coffee. But did you know you know that you can also use it to make plain hot water? It’s a really easy way to heat water for tea bags, instant soups, oatmeal, hot chocolate and other things you may want to make. Keep reading to learn how you can make hot water with a Keurig.

How Hot Does Keurig Water Get?

Keurig machines are designed to heat water to 192 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s nearly 89 degrees Celsius. Once you press the power button on your machine, the brewer will start warming up. It will take a few minutes for the water to heat. This could take as little as 20 seconds to as long as three or four minutes, depending on what model you have. Some models will have a light that will flash next to the word HEATING to let you know what is going on. When that light turns off, the water has reached the needed internal temperature and your machine is ready to use.

Which Keurigs Have A Hot Water Button?

Keurig K-Elite with hot water button

The popular Keurig K-Elite is the only Keurig model that has a Hot Water button. If you have one of these machines, then it’s pretty obvious how you go about making hot water… just press the button! The lights will start to blink. Just pick the cup size you want and hot water will start coming out.

How To Make How Water With Other Models?

If you don’t have the Keurig K-Elite, no need to worry! You can make hot water with any Keurig model. Without inserting a pod, just lift and lower the handle then press the cup size and/or brew button.

K-Mini and K-Mini Plus

Add your desired amount of water to a mug. Never use less then the minimum 6 oz or more than the maximum 12 oz. Pour the water from the mug into the water tank then put the mug under the coffee outlet. Lift the handle on the front of the machine to open the brewing chamber, then close it without putting a pod in. Press the brew button (the big K logo at the top) to begin. The brew light will pulse for two minutes while the machine heats up. When it turns solid, hot water will start to flow into your mug. Wait until the brew light turns off before removing your mug.


Lift and close the handle, but don’t insert a K-cup. Select the 8, 10 or 12 oz cup size, then press the brew button.


Lift and lower the handle, but do not add a pod. The machine will turn on. Press 6, 8 or 10 to choose your cup size. When all lights turn on, the hot water cycle is done.


Raise the handle and then lower it completely to close the lid, without putting a K-cup inside. The five brew sizes will blink. Pick your desired size and then hit the brew button.


Lift and lower the handle without adding a pod. The coffee and Latte & Capp buttons will blink. Press the coffee button, then choose your cup size. Press the blinking brew button to start getting hot water.


Raise the handle but don’t put a K-cup in. Just lower the handle to close the lid completely. Press 6, 8, 10 or 12 oz to select how much hot water you want and start the cycle.


Lift and lower the handle, but do not add a pod. Press 6, 8, 10 or 12 oz to select how much hot water you want and start the cycle.


Lift and lower the handle without adding a pod. The pod and carafe buttons will blink. Press the pod button, then choose your cup size. Press the brew button to start getting hot water.

What To Do If The Hot Water Tastes Like Coffee Or Looks Brown?

If you use your Keurig to get hot water and it looks a little brownish or tastes like coffee, it’s a sign that your machine is dirty. Use a Keurig rinse pod to remove any coffee residue or oils from inside the machine. It’s a good idea to use one just before making hot water if you have been using the machine to make coffee before.

You should also regularly clean needles inside your Keurig to remove any coffee build up. The dried up grounds in the needles can give a slight coffee taste to your hot water. They may even cause coffee grinds to end up in your water.

What To Do If Keurig Water Is Not Hot Enough?

If your Keurig’s hot water or coffee is below 192 degrees and not as hot as it used to be, the problem could be with limescale buildup inside the machine. The water used to make your coffee or tea has minerals in it. Those mineral deposits build up in your Keurig over time and eventually can have a negative impact on the temperature of the water.

To fix this, you should descale your Keurig right away and then again every 3 to 6 months. If you have hard water, meaning it has a higher level of minerals, you should do this more often. This deep clean will remove limescale buildup inside your machine. Learn how to descale a Keurig coffee maker, with steps for each model. You’ll need to buy a descaling solution.

This safe descaling formula made by Keurig has no odor and acts fast to remove mineral build up with gentle citric acid. Using this solution won’t cause any harm to your brewer. You can buy the solution alone or as part of a bundle with rinse pods and filters that will also help you keep your machine clean, an especially good idea if you use your machine for plain hot water. If you have the K-Duo model, be sure to check out this K-Duo bundle.

If you are an Amazon prime member, these items are eligible for fast, free shipping. However, you can also find the official Keurig solution in stores. Target sells it in store and online. You can also find the solution at Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond.

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