Do Any Nespresso Pods Have Lactose Or Dairy In Them? Allergen Info

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Do Nespresso Pods Contain Lactose, Dairy or Other Allergens?

If you have food allergies to lactose, gluten or other ingredients common in many foods, you may be wondering if those are in Nespresso pods. Keep reading to learn more. Note that the information below applies only to capsules made directly by Nespresso. It is not meant to cover third-party compatible capsules. For those, we recommend carefully reading the packaging or reaching out to the brand.

Lactose In Nespresso Pods

Nespresso pods do not contain lactose or dairy. This may come as a surprise to you if you’ve ever seen a brewed Nespresso coffee or espresso pod with that foam on top (called crema). That crema naturally occurs from the combination of coffee and air during the brewing process. Even though the term sounds like cream, it is not because of any dairy added to the pod. Blend the crema into your coffee before drinking it to bring out even more flavor.

You may also have been wondering about the lactose content of Nespresso capsules due to some of the language used to describe them. Words like malt, chocolate, milk, cocoa and more refer only to the aroma and taste profile of the coffee and espresso. Those are not actual ingredients in the pods.

Other Allergens In Nespresso Capsules

Nespresso pods do not contain other common allergens like gluten, soy, eggs or nuts. This is true for the flavored pods too. Hazelino Muffin is a hazelnut flavor coffee available for the Vertuoline. However, it is only has artificial hazelnut extract in it. This is a big difference between Nespresso and Keurig, as Keurig says only its unflavored coffees and teas are free of egg, dairy and gluten.

What Is In Nespresso Capsules?

In most cases, just fresh ground coffee! That’s why a Nespresso pod consumed black is so low in calories. Barista Creations pods will also contain some added natural flavors. Those flavors will come from the food source of the flavor (e.g. vanilla, caramel or hazelnut) plus some other natural extracts. Pieces of the actual food source will never be in a pod. This is another big difference vs Keurig. Keurig says that some flavored coffee and other types of pods can contain a long list of artificial ingredients, like propylene glycol and caramel color. This short list of ingredients means Nespresso pods are vegan too.

The Best Way To Prepare Nespresso Pods Without Dairy Milk

Drinking Nespresso coffee and espresso pods black is a great way to taste the range of flavors that make each pod so unique. If you like espresso, you should definitely try making an americano with your Nespresso. It is made with just espresso and hot water.

If you want to add non-dairy milk to your espresso drinks, the best options are almond, oat or soy milk. All of these will froth well in an Aeroccino and create foam, especially those labeled as a “barista version”. Other types of non-dairy milks like cashew or coconut milk won’t make a foam that is as dense as the others.

If you’ve decided that a Nespresso machine can work with your dietary restrictions, now you get to choose which model is best for you. Understanding the differences between the Vertuo and Original lines is an important first step. My favorite machines are the Creatista Plus, Essenza Mini, and the Vertuo Plus. Just avoid the Vertuo Next and you really can’t go wrong!


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